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What is the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting?

Most web hosting service suppliers provide two sorts of web hosting services: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. When all is said in done, Linux hosting also known as shared hosting, the most well known hosting service in the business. Indeed, the more significant part of the sites is presently hosted utilizing Linux hosting because of its moderate cost and adaptability. Linux hosting is perfect with PHP and MySQL, which supports contents, for example, WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. Windows hosting, then again, utilizes Windows as the server’s working framework and provides Windows-explicit advances, for example, ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).

The Main Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting:

Let’s say your PC runs windows, is it mandatory for you to use windows hosting?
The appropriate response is no. The hosting you pick has nothing to do with the OS your system work on.

Usually, Linux hosting / shared hosting) is much lower in costs than windows hosting. Why would that be?

Linux is a free open source framework; in this manner, web hosting service suppliers don’t have to pay permitting expenses for utilizing Linux as their hosting servers’ working framework. Hence, web hosting suppliers can provide lower costs for this sort of web hosting service.

Main Concern: Which Hosting Service Is Best For You?

These two web hosting services provide a similar degree of capability. So the hosting service you pick extraordinarily relies upon what sort of advancements your site needs. For instance, you might want to begin a blog with WordPress, or set up an online gathering utilizing phpBB; at that point, Linux hosting will be an incredible decision for you. In any case, if your site needs particular Microsoft advancements, for example, MSSQL, you have to utilize Windows hosting.

Server Security

While lots of individuals believe Linux to be more protected as compare to Windows hosting, both OS are equally trustworthy. Securities truly relay more upon the server setup and the executives running the server. The Hosturway manages servers are kept up with for the most part recent security and execution fixes and considered for ideal security.


The two exclusive types of web hosting services: the first one is Linux hosting and another is Windows hosting. Linux hostings the most prominent working framework for web servers. Since Linux-based hosting is increasingly well known, it has a higher amount of features website specialists look forward to. So except if you have sites that need particular Windows applications, Linux expects is the number one to choose.

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