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How Much Does a Website Hosting and Domain Registration Cost?

Ever since digital marketing has become the mainstream for brand recognition or brand image, inbound marketing requires more attention than outbound marketing. Building your own website or mobile application is never an easy task specially when you are a young entrepreneur because getting a web host of domain name, sometimes, includes few hidden charges. To be on the safe side, you must evaluate the market to get the best service providers at a reasonable price.

A Domain Name is very important because it is the name of your website. It is like first influence of your brand on the internet and is a tool for you search engine optimization (SEO). The price of a Domain name is never fixed. Depending on the age, registrar and demand of a Domain name, its price may vary from $10 to hundred or even millions of dollars. The older a domain name is the greater is the price.

For Web hosting, you have multiple options. You can either opt for a shared hosting or a VPS hosting. A shared hosting is relatively cheaper and cost between $3 to 10$ a month but as your traffic starts growing so does your website’s needs. Then, you must switch from shared hosting to a VPS hosting, may be. On the other hand, for a mid-range VPS hosting you might have to pay approximately $30 to $55 per month.

Each web host offers certain set of features, so you must know what you want. Despite a web host offers you customized services, you must always look for a reputable service provider to prevent any kind of mishap or loss. Since web hosting is only one part of building a website, you cannot ruin the others for it because if you will not get the right combination of customized services and a good host, you might be suffering for however long you own the site. A good host helps you in keeping your site functional 24/7 with a 100% uptime.

Everyone believes that better quality comes with greater price, but do not get exploited of this myth and look at what are you getting from the money you pay. There are certain firms with great services at such an affordable price. So, avoid jumping to the conclusion and always prefer R&D before any of your move be it as simple as purchasing a Domain name or as crucial as getting a web host.

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